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WIN! By Working With Women

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

March 30, 2018

Despite the struggles women encounter every single day in the workplace, study after study points to the immense value that women bring to their professional pursuits. From profits to process, the way women think and perform adds more efficiency, depth and clarity to any operation they engage in.

At C5 Collective we believe this translates – in an exponential way – when applied to the consulting world.

As partners, we each bring to the table years of experience hard won in the corporate and entrepreneurial world. We have contributed to many products and projects which supported the goals of our companies and their missions. We were successful, yes, but in the service to one company, one division, one department.

Now, as consultants, we believe that we can not only bring our vast capabilities and know-how to bear on our own business, but to help make many other companies more successful in transitioning their ideas into equitable opportunities. We’re not just working for one, we are working for all.

By having a vast client base from differentiated backgrounds - from non-profits and media to activists and entrepreneurs – we are able to work on a variety of projects, with an array of people, and to connect the dots for greater impact.

We pride ourselves on being Connectors, Creators, Collaborators, Curators and Conveners in service to our client’s needs. And we believe that as consultants – and as women – we can make extraordinary things happen, maximizing purpose and profit for a greater return.

By applying a what’s new and what's next approach, and by using the power of media and storytelling in how we service our clients, we are actively "shaping ideas for global impact," and showing how working with women can help our clients win.

Perhaps that is the most important contribution we can make as women in consulting during this historic time. We think so!


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