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Joy DiBenedetto


Joy DiBenedetto is an award-winning entrepreneurial communications professional, veteran journalist/media executive and a true `globalist’ who adds unique value to any project or client she works with. As Founder of the content and information company (HUM): Human Unlimited Media, Inc. and HUMNEWS, she set out to create the world’s first and only `All-Nation’ news agency and has covered major international events – from the studio and in the field – as a storyteller, producer and diplomat. Her client work has maximized the impact and brand awareness of social innovators, corporations, NGO’s, media, academia, and service organizations worldwide. Joy is the Past President/CEO of the Nobel Peace Prize-nominated Friendship Force International (FFI) and was previously the global Vice President of Network Booking and Research for the CNN News Group, where she managed many important breaking news stories, developed and cultivated a diverse portfolio of high-profile talent, and created notable content initiatives. Her collective work throughout a broad career spans the media industry and humanitarian interests reflected in a multitude of projects. Joy strives to design innovative global solutions for every client she works with by capitalizing on deep geographic-cultural research and her wide network of sources.

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